Italy Tour 2018!

What a blast we had on our tour in Italy!

There is nothing quite like being on the road with your best mates, meeting people, playing music and sharing moments together. Piancastagnaio is an amazing little town and we enjoyed every minute. For a little look at a few things we got up to, click here!




'Trippin', is an electronic music spectacle full of haunting melodies and superb electronic beats.It leaves you wanting more.'                   - Rob's Raw Music blog

I've been working on a special side-project; a collaboration with one of my best mates, Kevin, who lives in Australia! I'm a so pleased to have worked with Alexander van der Linden again for this new single. Drawing on varied influences including Bonobo and Imogen heap, click here to experience a different side to Jaya in collaboration with Kevin Bridge!



Summer Festivals

We're playing at two little festivals this summer and looking forward to the Lewisham Fringe in November! Visit the shows page for more details!

Cheers, Jaya



Spice of Life

On Sunday 8th of July we will play a set of tunes at The Spice of Life, Soho!

You can visit the Shows page for details and info on the other artists performing!

Looking forward to it folks! See you there! JAYA xo